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FX Studios™️ is a game-development Discord community revolving around our central game, AVOID.

Makers of AVOID

This game is an action packed adventure that is completely detailed to the last pixel. Brought to you by the FX Team, you play as our champion, Goldy, as he takes on the relentless hordes of slimy ghouls. Even though you may be limited to only five lives before you succumb to the ailment and the enemies outnumber you far beyond our imagination, Never Give Up! The village is counting on you to save them! The best of luck to you fair adventurer.

9/10 Game Studio

“Simply one of the best ones out there my son loves playing AVOID all day.”

- Kotaku

Check out Premium

AVOID Premium is the premium version of AVOID. You can get Premium through a one-time purchase or through occasional giveaways on our discord server. Versus the free game, you gain access to monthly slimes which you can use to buy our new cosmetic items. As well, you help support FX Studios directly and you get a special role in our discord server also giving you access to a private chat! When you do buy premium, message one of our online Staff-Members to receive your role.

More from FX Studios

Check out the pages linked below to learn more about FX Studios like more information about the Team.

Join the DISCORD

Within our server, members can discuss about the game’s development, as well as join our group of BETA testers to ensure that our game contains no bugs or glitches. In addition, FX contains off-topic channels for members of our community to converse and chat regarding any topic of their choosing. As our community’s main focus is our current game, we also use Discord as a place to announce new updates or changes to make the game-play more fun and more exciting.