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Every Update and changelog of our game "AVOID!"

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Update 0.3.8


- Score system is now added into the game! Highest one is 386, lets see if you can beat that one!
- Score API
- Score Leaderboard Bot -
- Automatic Leaderboard
- Game sends score to API once the player is dead
- Level 1 map
- Basic Multiplayer system
- Multiplayer UI
- Enemies can now follow you from a bigger distance
- Deleted unnecessary files.
- Deleted unnecessary prefabs.
- Deleted unnecessary images
- Replaced multiplayer status icon
- Player particle trail
- Enemy particle trail -
-Bullet particle trail
- Room Join and Create System
- New, better music
- Changed URL of Discord button
- Changed URL of Website button
- API Database
- Added a Dialog system
- Deleted WakaTime plugin - Spamming the console
- Enhanced the spawning - Probably broken now
- Changed the spawn limit to 70 - Do we really need one?
- Goldina skin changed
- Changed position of hats and pets.
- Version text now changes according to the game version, no need for manual changing
- Prevented cheating, a bit
- Added Turkish, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian and Montenegrian
- Merged Bosnian, Serbian and Montenegrian into Serbo Croatian language
- Uploaded new language files to the server
- Deleted unnecessary files
- Changed leaderboard API server
- Updates on the heal effect
- Removed Multiplayer access
- Removed Bullet Particles
- uwu
- You can now change colors of particles
- Updated map
- Game is more harder
- Heal item enhanced
- Added new enemy
- Changed the rich presence, added elapsed time
- When you kill 100 ghosts, Elite Ghosts start spawning! They are much more powerful than regular ghosts!

Fixed bugs:

- Goldy gets stuck while walking close to the walls - According to the tests, fixed.
- Language changing doesn't work - Fixed.
- German language not working/is English - Fixed.
- Korean language not working/is English - can't be fixed since we didn't get the translations from the Korean translator.
- Game doesn't send data to the API - Fixed.
- Bot doesn't know how to find the user by it's ID even if that ID is valid - Fixed - Changed the database ID column value to TEXT.
- Enemies don't animate at all. - Fixed.
- Heal visible at the bottom. - Fixed for me, need feedback from users with different resolutions.
- Player color is inverted. - Fixed.
- Enemy doesn't follow you at all. - Fixed.
- Player color is inverted. - Fixed.
- You can see the enemy, but the enemy doesn't follow you..

Fun Fact #1
Goldy, the main character of the game, is a son of the leader of the Dungeon, Moldy.


Avoid Premium is now live!

You can now get the PREMIUM version of our GAME in the Discord Store! Want to access it in a simplier way? Join our discord server and use our Store channels to get the GAME directly to your Desktop! With a prize of only 5$ you get many cosmetical features like Pets, Hats, Particels and more!

Fun Fact #2
Vanished, the Head Developer of "AVOID!", is one of the biggest Meme Lords ever.
*cluck cluck*


Update 0.3 - 0.3.5


- Meet Jack and Phil. They got jobs to work as ghost busters in our game. Treat them well. You can change you looks, and colors in the Customization part of Main Menu.
- You can now shoot and aim with your mouse! You guys requested it, and now its here.
- Another more better and more bigger map!!!
- Map randomizer system.
- More customization options!!!
- Character speed is lower.
- More improvements in gameplay.
- Game version shows on Main Menu.
- Pets are here! They give you more buffs if you use them! They are available in Avoid Premium, which you can get for as low as $3! We have chosen some testers to test for our Premium version of the game! Please congratulate [people] for getting into Avoid Premium beta testing! If you did not get into this program, you will stay in our Free Testing! All of you are awesome!
- HATS ARE HERE! Show your swag by choosing of the hats available in the Customization window!
- It shows the current active player, pet and hat in the customization window!

Fixed Bugs: 

- Jack and Phil do not animate.
- Sounds broke, again.
- Tilemap bugs.
- Tilemap colliders fixed.
- You can now go through small places now.

Fun Fact #3
Jack, was a lumberjack before joining forces with Goldy to defeat the ghosts.


Avoid is now live!

You can now get AVOID in the Discord store and in our Discord! You start out as a little golden boy called Goldy. You spawn in a dark dungeon where green ghosts start coming and start attacking you. You are now trying to kill all of them, even if they are repeatedly spawning and spawning without stopping.

Fun Fact #4
Phil, is a retired Archer, who also joined forces with Goldy.